Please ensure following points are met while activating the application:

1. Copy and paste the registration code instead of typing it in the activation dialog box.

2. While copying the registration code, please ensure that no extra spaces or characters are copied along with the code

3. Ensure that you are pasting the registration code in the correct field.

4. Ensure that the registration code matches the application and version installed on your system.

If the application is not accepting the registration key, then you need to contact Stellar technical support for further assistance (keep your order number handy while contacting technical support). You can contact technical support at the following numbers: 


Technical Support Number

USA (Support)


Europe (Sales & Support)

+44 203 026 5337

France (Support en anglais sur tous ses produits) +33 (0) 1 82 88 0163
Germany (Englische Unterstützung für alle seine Produkte) +49 40 209 324 438

Netherlands (Sales & Support)

+31 208 111 188

Australia & Asia Pacific (Sales & Support)

+61 280 149 899

Worldwide (Sales & Support)


Request for assistance Click to open web-form 

Skype Id (Support)



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