There are two causes of this situation: either the LEC Translation Server is not running or, more commonly, some other software is blocking communications between the LEC Translation Server and other programs. When you first encounter this problem, make sure that the translation server is running properly. To do that, take the following steps:

  • Open the control panel "Services" found under "Administrative Tools"
  • Right click on "LEC TranslateDotNet Server", and choose "Properties" from the menu
  • Make sure the 'Startup type' is set to "Automatic"
  • If the 'Service status' field reads 'Stopped', press the 'Start' button

If the service was stopped, this should solve the problem. Rerun LogoTrans to confirm that it performs properly.

If your translation service was running normally, then the source of this problem is security and firewall software, such as Norton Internet Security. Such software can interfere with our program's functioning, even though our programs are not contacting the internet.

To determine if your security software is blocking LEC software, temporarily disable your security software and then run LogoTrans. If LogoTrans runs fine, configure your security software to not block LEC software (contact your security software provider if you are unaware of how to do this).

Older versions of LEC software may encounter problems when installing for a limited user. If you are installing for a limited user and are encountering problems, please upgrade your LEC software to the latest version.