Although StarOffice is similar to Microsoft Office, not all terms and concepts are the same.

For example, the formatting and layout of a Microsoft Word document is determined by a *.dot template file.

In StarOffice Writer, the formatting and layout of a document is defined by styles. Styles provide greater flexibility and more control over the appearance of your documents than the template concept.

The following table matches Microsoft Office concepts with the equivalent StarOffice concept.

Microsoft Office XP Concept 
StarOffice Concept
 Gallery objects and Shapes
 Comments   Notes 
 Document map  Navigator 
 Formula auditing  Detective
 Line and Page Breaks  Text flow
 Markup  Edit – Changes – Show
 Pivot table  DataPilot
 Refresh data  File – Reload
 Replace text as you type  AutoCorrect
 Track changes  Edit – Changes – Record
 Workbook  Spreadsheet
 Worksheet  Sheet