If you are using the Publish Assistant within WebEasy, the FTP Max Connect dialog box opens as part of the Assistant. The connection procedure is exactly the same as when you connect directly from FTP Max. Once connected, continue to follow the Assistant's instructions as they appear on your screen.


Every time you start FTP Max, the Connect dialog box is displayed.

To connect, you must correctly fill in the fields in the Connect dialog box. The information that you need is provided by your ISP. If you are unsure whether you have the correct information, contact your ISP.

The connect dialog may have up to four tabs. Click a tab to bring a different "Page" to the foreground of the dialog box. For a graphic representation and more information about each part of the dialog box, see:

  Remote Access tab 

  General Options tab 

  WWW Site tab 

(not available in the FTP Max standalone application)


To connect:

  1. Click the Remote Access tab of the Connect dialog box.

  • Enter your Host name or IP address.

  • Enter your User identifier name.

  • Enter your password.

  1. Click the General tab of the Connect dialog box.

  • Enter the path of yourinitial remote folder.

  • Enter the path of your initial local folder.

  • Enter the IP port.

  1. Click the WWW Site tab of the Connect dialog box.

  • Enter your WWW site address.

  • Enter the name of your index page.

  1. The remaining fields are not necessary for connection. See the relevant tab topics for further information.

  2. Click OK to connect to your remote host.


You must establish an Internet connection before you can connect using FTP Max.