Use FTP Max to publish your website by transferring the files from your local computer to the remote computer that hosts your site. Maintain your site by uploading updates as you do them.

Before running FTP Max, connect to the Internet. 

To run FTP Max:

  • Choose Start>All Programs>WebEasy Professional>FTP Max.
  • Click the Publish tab in WebEasy and then click Transfer Files.

FTP Max Connect dialog box enables you to connect to your remote host.

To display the Connect dialog box:

  • If you are running FTP Max on its own, the Connect dialog box appears automatically when you start the program.
  • If FTP Max is already running but not connected, click Connect  to open the Connect dialog box.
  • If you are using the Publish Assistant within WebEasy, the FTP Max Connect dialog box opens as part of the Assistant.

FTP Max starts and you see two dialog boxes: the Connect dialog box and the FTP Max dialog box.


Connect with FTP Max article

Follow this link here to read our help guide on how to connect to the remote host using FTP Max.