1. First, download and install AntiLogger from your Avanquest account here or the original order confirmation email. Alternatively direct download link is available here

2. Click on the AntiLogger tray icon on the Windows taskbar and open the AntiLogger interface.

Simply click on the arrow as shown on the picture below and the AntiLogger icon will appear. For your convenience, you can also customize your AntiLogger icon to be always visible on your taskbar.

Zemana AntiLogger Activation Taskbar Icon

3. Click on the key icon in the AntiLogger interface.

Zemana AntiLogger Activation Key Icon

Zemana AntiLogger Enter And Activate

4. You can also click on the text that says:  0 days remaining. Choose the option that is easier for you.

Zemana AntiLogger Activation Success

5. Write down the license key on the text box and click the “Activate Now” button. 

6. You should be able to see a notification that says You have successfully activated AntiLogger!

Zemana AntiLogger Activated