Rebuild Built-In Folder of TurboCAD

Before doing this close make sure TurboCAD is closed.

On Windows 7 go to Start Menu-->All Programs-->Accessories-->Run and type in %appdata% then click ok.

On Win 8 or 10 right click on the Windows icon in the lower left and corner of the desktop, choose run and then type in %appdata% then click ok.

This will open up the AppData\Roaming folder. Navigate to this folder C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\IMSIDesign\TurboCAD XXXX\Deluxe x64\Profiles

There you will see a folder called “Built-In”. Right click on this folder and choose rename. Call it anything other than built in. Once it’s renamed reopen TurboCAD.

This will reset the defaults of the program including any customised toolbar and menus. If you have customised your interface at all and failed to save the configuration you will need to redo your personal setup. If you mainly just stick to the default controls you’ll be good to go.