Audials Record from screen tool records the output of your computer screen.

The Record from screen tool doesn't work as automated and elegant as Audials other video recording tools. For example, the controls of the video player are recorded whenever they are visible.

However, the Record from screen tool is the most reliable tool when it comes to video detection. All that it needs is a video picture on your screen, accompanied by an audio signal. This makes Record from screen a good fallback tool if a video cannot be detected or recorded by the other recordings tools.

Additionally, the Record from screen tool is able to capture videos including subtitles.

Before you begin close other applications to avoid disruptions.

  1. In the navigation, click Save video.

  2. Optional: Set the output format to Universal (MP3/MP4).

  3. Click  Video recording , then click Select recording tool , and then click  Record from screen, manual mode.

  4. Play the desired video in your web browser.

  5. Set up the recording area, which is indicated with a blue rectangle.
    • Drag the blue borders with your mouse pointer.
    • Click Detect to automatically detect the video area.
    • Click Full screen to set the video area to full screen.
  6. Pause the video, and rewind it to the beginning, or to the point you want the recording to start from, respectively.

  7. Click Record, and then play the video.

Audials stops the recording automatically shortly after the video has finished playing. You can also stop the recording yourself, at any point.