All InPixio Photo software are allowed to install on one computer only.

If the product reports that it has been forbidden of use by activation, please remove it from all computers while connected to the Internet and leave it on one computer only. Then click using the right-hand-side mouse button on top of InPixio Photo shortcut icon on the desktop and select option Run as Administrator.
This would help the program to start normally.

If you'd like to move InPixio Photo software to another computer, please remove it from control panel program list while computer is connected to the Internet, so you may use the same licence again on another computer.

If further assistance is needed in case the licence number has been locked due to being used too many times. Please send an email to supportuk at avanquest dot com (or submit new support ticket) where quote the licence number (or order number if software has been bought from Avanquest or InPixio websites).