Error -1 means that the file Driver Genius has downloaded have been removed. 

Possible software that may remove files from your computer is the protection program. Depending on work mode and settings this action could be done silently without notification on the screen. Please check its sensitivity level, and if necessary exclude Driver Genius program and work folders from the scanning route of computer's protection software. Then scan for driver again with Driver Genius and install them.

If you need assistance please contact your security software's technical support department. They may be able to help you configure their product to not interfere with Driver Genius.

Here is an example where to find these settings in some popular antivirus programs: Avira EMSI, Viper, Norton, AVG, Avast, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, Webroot, Trend, Bitdefender, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, McAfee, Panda, Bullguard, Symantec Endpoint protection, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 9, ESET, WinAntiRansom, 360 Total Security,  F-Secure

Should you experience any difficulties, please submit request and representative will reply.