If you have a project with a borderless design (no white margins on the edges) and you have a borderless printer, you can do edge-to-edge printing. In Art Studio, you can change your project’s dimensions.

If you plan to use special ‘Print to the Edge’ paper, it has margins that get cut off to have the design print to the edge of the card area with a regular printer.

You need to set the margins for the ‘Print to the Edge’ paper. A borderless design gets printed to the edge of a regular sheet of paper and you won’t have to cut off an unprinted margin.

After you select a category and tones for the card, you can preview the cards that match your selections. Thumbnails of cards matching the category and selected tones appear on the right side of the Browse screen.

There are two types of designs: standard designs and borderless designs. Printing a borderless design requires an edge-to-edge printer. If you select a borderless design and you have a regular printer, a margin shows around the edges when you print the card.

In Art Studio to change to a different standard size:

1 On the Art Studio screen, click Setup.image


2 In the Setup dialog box, select a different standard dimension from the Page Dimensions list. 

3 To adjust the margins on either side of a regular design, specify a different Left/Right value. To adjust the margins on the top and bottom, specify a different Top/  Bottom value.

4 Click OK.

5 Adjust your design as needed for the new dimensions.

Note: You may need to adjust the individual margins because your printer has different minimum margin specifications for one edge of a sheet of paper.
To make the left margin different from the right margin or the top margin different from the bottom margin, click Advanced in the Setup dialog box and adjust the individual margins in the Margins area. Click OK.

Here is how to make a borderless design:

All blank templates assume that there are margins around the edges.

If you’ve created a project from a blank template or customised a regular design and  want to have the project print to the edges, you must specify that the project is  a borderless design. You do this in the Setup dialog box. 

Note: To print a borderless design, your printer must support borderless printing and you must select the Print Borderless check box on the Print screen.

See your  printer’s documentation for information on its borderless printing capabilities. 

1 On the Art Studio screen, click Setup.

2 In the Setup dialog box, set Project Margins to Borderless.

3 Click OK.

4 Adjust your design as needed for borderless printing.

5 Click print.

6 On the Print screen adjust the settings for borderless printing before printing.