Kindly uninstall the software then download it again from this link here and install it

Make sure that you must be logged in with the Administrator's account to the computer and install the software to its default location i.e. C:\Program Files\Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Then follow the below mentioned steps to activate the program online. Please read them carefully before proceeding.

1. Click on the 'Registration' tab in the Ribbon and Select the option 'Register'.

2. Now, choose "I have the registration key" and then click on "Online Registration". Click OK.

You will receive message 'The software license is non -transferable and can only be installed on a single machine. Do you wish to install the software license on this machine?' Please click on 'OK'.

3. Now click on 'Cancel'.

4. As you click on 'Cancel', you will get a message stating: "Online activation failed, do you want to send serial number to Stellar Phoenix".

Click on 'Yes'.

5. It will prompt you to enter the serial number. Just enter 'XYZ' there instead of serial key.

6. This would take you to a wizard where a file would be generated at your desktop with the name of PHX_REG.txt

7. Click on 'Finished' and minimize the software to the taskbar. DO NOT CLOSE IT!!!

8. Now, send the PHX_REG.txt file to Stellar Phoenix (, along with the full name of the software that appears in the title bar.

9. Upon receiving the file, Stellar Phoenix will send you a site key, which you can use to activate the product.

Note: Please do not close the program until you get site key.