As soon as you start a recording, the program checks if a valid audio recording source can be found. 

In most cases, problems only arise if your computer contains an audio HD chipset.

In this case, open the sound properties by right-clicking on the loudspeaker icon. Then select “Recording devices”. Click on “Show Disabled Devices”. Then right-click on “Stereomix” and select “Enable”. Important: A “Default Device” must be specified. To do this, repeat the first three steps and then select Set as Default Device for “Stereomix”.

Also important: you should definitely install the latest driver for your audio card. Especially if you don’t have “Stereomix” displayed as an option.

Alternatively make sure microphone is present and enabled to the computer, then record video stream delivered by Online TV software.

For better quality of the recorded audio, please enable Stereo Mix in Recording Devices in Sound properties on Windows. Set it up as default device, so you can record not just through the microphone. 

If no audio recording source could be found, this is usually due to the fact that an audio HD chipset was installed in the PC. This ensures that you can only record from audio sources that are also used on the computer; in German only said inputs, in which there is also a cable.

Unfortunately, this limitation can not be avoided in terms of software technology, but there is a possibility of directly establishing the connection on the computer.
You need this:

  • 1 x cable distributor Y-adapter, type 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
    Cost: Approx. 3 EUR, example picture
  • 1 x jack cable, type 2 times 3.5mm plug
    Cost: Approx. 2 EUR, example picture

Now proceed as follows: 

  1. First connect the cable distributor to the audio output ( green ) of your sound card, for example with "Line-Out".
    Normally, the speakers or the sound output from the monitor are connected here.
  2. Then connect the actual cable to the sound output to one end of the manifold
    This will connect your speakers.
  3. Now connect the jack cable to the second end of the manifold.
  4. Finally, connect the other end of the jack cable to the audio input ( red ), eg "Line-In" or "Mic-In".

As a result, the sound that is actually output only on the speakers, both the boxes, as well as to another device output. Since the audio input of the computer is used, the sound output can be recorded via this detour.