In order to remove lines under text links in website project created with WebEasy software, please navigate to Styles tool under Insert and Modify tab choose Select option (you need to click on work area to enable this option).

Select Document Styles, then from the list with styles scroll down to navigation then click Edit > Modify... 

Double click in the field box next to Custom CSS attribute, then from the end of the drop down list of keywords select Keyword: text-decoration : none | underline | overline | line-through | blink;

This will enter the text into the in-line style code field where you can only leave the code as: text-decoration : none;

Press OK

Then repeat the above to styles: navigation:hover, navigation:link, navigation:visited

When done press Update button in the lower right corner of Items Style box.

Press F8 to preview the website outlook in your favourite Internet browsing software and upload all components to the remote hosting service with FTP Max (or other FTP client software).