The TCW format isn't backwards compatible for more than three versions.
If you have access to the version on which this file was created then your best option is to convert it to a DXF or DWG which is then likely to be recognised.

Alternatively try to open the AutoSave file (ASV) which is generated after 10 minutes of drawing/editing in a project. As long as you keep working, it will update the ASV file every ten minutes. If you save at any point, the ASV file goes away and that info is added to (or becomes) the TCW file. The AutoSave cycle starts all over again as soon as you start drawing. The only time an ASV file is retained is when you crash. If you use the program and don't experience any problems, then you shouldn't have any AutoSave files remaining when you're done.

You may also try to open the backup file .BAK which is created on every save. Rename the backup file suffix extension to the original file extension (TCW or DWG) then load it in TurboCAD.

Please look up File Locations in Program Setup preferences to specify the folders where TurboCAD places several types of program files.


BackupsĀ (.bak)* - Backups that are created if you check Make Backup Copies option in the General page.

AutoSave Files (.asv)* - Files that are saved automatically, if this option is turned on in the General page. These files allow you to restore work after a system crash.

Drawings (.tcw)* - Drawings and models you create in TurboCAD.