You can save the scan results of a process to resume the recovery at a later stage.

This helps you resume the recovery process without scanning the drive again.

It is advisable to let the scan complete before saving the scan as you can recover data that is listed in the saved scan.

To save scan information:

1. In the 'Scan Results' window. Click Back button or close the application. Or, click on icon and select the Save Scan option.
2. You will be prompted to save the scan information

3. Click Yes.
4. In 'Save scan information' dialog box, specify the location where you want to save the image
file. Type the name of the image file in the Save As text box. Click Save.

Scan Information file will be saved.

Tip: It is recommended that you should save 'scan information file' and 'hard disk image' at different locations with proper name, so that you can easily retrieve the required file.

Note: If you stop a scanning process, you can save the scan information up to that point.

However, you should perform a complete scan, and then save the scan result.

To load the previously saved scan information
This option is used to resume the recovery process from a saved scan information file.

1. Run the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software

2. Click on icon and select the Load Scan option

3. A Load Scan window will appear which displays a list of saved scan information file existing in the system.

4. In case the file you desire is not in the list, click Add button and select the desired file.
5. Click Open.
6. The file you added gets displayed in the load scan window. Click Remove button if you want to remove the save scan file.
7. Click Reset button to reset the load scanned list.
8. Click Recover button. A screen showing the scanning process is displayed.
9. Once the scanning process is complete, details of the files and folder found are displayed in a dialog box.

Note: You can select only one file at a time to start the process of scanning.