With Greeting Card Factory, to print your document on another printer with a higher resolution than the printer available with your computer or to print your document on a computer that does not have Greeting Card Factory installed, save your project as a PDF file (Portable Document Format).

To save a project file as a PDF file:
1. Open the project you want to save as a PDF file.
2. Choose Save As PDF from the File menu.

3. Select the resolution you want from the DPI list.
(To use on a high-resolution printer, select 300 DPI for the best quality. To send it with an e-mail message to a friend, select 72 or 96 DPI to make a smaller file.)
4. To have Adobe Reader automatically open to full view when you double-click the file, select PDF defaults to Fit Page View when opened.
5. To have Adobe Reader open automatically after you save the file, select View PDF upon finish.
6. Click Save.

7. In the Save As dialog box, type a name for the PDF file. You may want to use a word or two that describes your design, like Pat’s Birthday.

8. Locate the folder and disk where you want to save the file, and then click Save.