In WebEasy software you can use whichever hosting provide you'd prefer.

You can publish your website to space provided by your ISP or another web hosting service.

Before publishing your site, make sure you have all the information you need from your ISP or web hosting service to upload to your account or domain.

Note:  Some hosting companies offer domain registration, website hosting, and dedicated software for publishing your website. You can use WebEasy to integrate with the third-party publishing software or transfer the files with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software from your computer to the server of your choice.

There are two ways to publish your site to another hosting service in the 3rd Party Hosting section of the Publish tab:

■         Publish: Click to use the Publish Assistant to transfer the files.

■         Transfer Files: Click to transfer the files with FTP Max.

Note:  Your ISP or hosting service must support the FTP protocol.