Important is to work with same versions of Architect 3D software. Then copy the entire User Library located in Documents folder (C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Punch! Software\User Library) from computer one to the same location on another computer. Restart the application to load new content then open the project, so all materials and objects render successfully.

The User Library is populated when you copy items from another library to the User Library, either from within the application or in Windows Explorer.
Using Windows Explorer you can create and delete folders to manage categories in the User Library folder. The User Library folder location in Windows Explorer is: C:\Users\<USER>\My Documents\Punch! Software\User Library. Once a category exists, you can then copy content into the folder and it will be available in the application.

When copying an object from another version of Punch! software, there are three files that need to be included:
.pob file, .pod file, and .ppv file. If any of these is missing, the object will not copy successfully.

Note: When you add content to the User Library category folders, the content files must exist in a folder where no sub-folders exist. For example, you can create a category named “Patio Pavers” and then add the content files to that category, but you cannot add files to that category and also create more folders for “light patio pavers” and “dark patio pavers.”

To create a new category in Windows Explorer:

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the following folder location: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Punch! Software\User Library.
  2. Double-click the folder for the library where you want to add a category.
  3. Click the New Folder button and type the category name and then press ENTER.

You can create sub-categories inside the new category folder to further organise content.

If assistance with the software is needed check Architect 3D forum for answers or port new topic after sign-in. The support personnel is also at your service.