Due to security reason, IncoMedia (developer and publisher of WebSite X5) has abandon the idea of having html files directly imported into WebSite X5 project.

However WebSite X5 provides a specific object for each type of content matter that you want to add to a page: text, pictures, animation, e-mail forms, etc.

Thanks to the HTML Code Object object, the possibilities are practically unlimited. With this object, you can add HTML code directly to pages and thus include features that would otherwise have been impossible to use.

Open the html file with WordPad and copy the copy so to transfer it as HTML Code Object.

The commands for creating a HTML Code Object are organized in the following sections:

▪ HTML Code
In this section you have an editor for including the HTML code that you want to add to a page.

▪ Expert

Use the commands in this section to create a stylesheet (.CSS) and/or create the list of files to attach to the  HTML Code Object you are working on.

Use the editor in the CSS Code box to enter the stylesheet code (the editor is identical to that used for HTML code). The purpose of CSSs is to define the graphic appearance of the HTML pages they are linked to.

The Files linked to HTML code table gives the names of all the linked files and their Pathname on Server.

You can use the following commands to create the list of files linked to the HTML code:

▪ Add...: you can add a new file to the list, in the Upload linked file window.

▪ Edit...: this opens the Upload linked file window, where you can change the settings for the file selected from the linked file table.

▪ Remove: you can delete the selected file from the linked file table.