A few points first. The minimum requirements for OnlineTV on a smartphone or tablet are version Android 5 (Lollipop) or higher. You also need to have an ARMv7 CPU (or higher) – unfortunately, Intel is not supported. To carry out the installation, you must also activate the option “Installation from Unknown sources” on your device. You will very often find this option on your Android device under “Settings” -> “Security” -> “Device Management”.

You first activate OnlineTV under Windows using your product key that you received when you bought OnlineTV. Then register the program using your email address in the menu Settings under “Own Data”. Enter your email address and save it. Next click on “Connection Settings” and activate the option “Activate access to Android app for my email address”. Verify, to be on the safe side, whether your email address is correct and then click on “Save”.

You can download the Android app. You do this by using the browser on your Android device to go to www.onlinetv14.de . Select from the menu in the top left the option “OnlineTV @ Android”, and launch the download process. Once the Android app has been downloaded, open it and click on the menu in the top left and select “Activate app”. Next enter your email address that you previously activated for access.

Important: It isn’t possible to access the Android app in the demo version.