There may be some instances when there needs to be an uninstall TurboCAD 2019 (2018 or earlier) from your computer in order to reinstall a different version.  For example, you’ve downloaded a Trial of one version, i.e. Pro Platinum, however, you have decided to purchase anther version, i.e. Deluxe.

In order to get your purchased version working, you must first do a complete uninstall of your Trial version.  A complete uninstall requires more than performing the Uninstall that is a part of Windows Control Panel.  Accordingly, the following steps need to be followed:

     1. Perform the Uninstall from Control Panel which is found in the ‘Programs and Features’ utility

     2. Once this is completed , you will need to open Windows File Explorer

     3. In File Explorer, go to the root of your C: drive.

     4. Navigate to the following path and delete the folder ‘TurboCAD 2018’ found in ‘IMSIDesign’:

This PC/OS C:/Users/Your User Name/AppData/Roaming/IMSIDesign

     5. Now, navigate to C:/Program Files/IMSIDesign and delete the folder ‘TCW2018’:

     6. Finally, you should delete the Installation folders and files originally downloaded to your PC.  Typically these are found in the ‘Downloads’ folder of your hard drive.  Again, use File Explorer to do this:

Additional Step required if you have previously installed a Trial version:

     1. Run the following program to remove the Trial  Serial # for the Computer’s Registry 

Be sure to click the “Clear License” option.

     2. You can then reinstall TurboCAD