Architect 3D provides interactive 3D viewing options, including the 3D Walk-Through and Fly-Around views, as well as an over-head aerial view and a room view, to focus on selected rooms in the design. Using interactive viewing, you can vary the viewing level by adjusting the altitude and height. Viewing speed and camera angle can also be adjusted to provide the best viewing capabilities available. 

To navigate using walk-through

Using the Walk-Through Tool, you can navigate your design as if you were walking through it. You can navigate

the exterior, walk through rooms, and even adjust the viewing elevation to change floors.

1 Open a 3D View window and click the Walk-Through button.

(alternatively) Click 3D menu > 3D Navigation > Walk-Through to enable walk-through mode.

2 Position the cursor in the 3D view then click-and-drag in the direction you want to move.

Right-click and drag left or right to pan in that direction in 3D.

You can adjust the walk-through view in the 2D design window using the Viewpoint icon. The Viewpoint icon represents the position from which you’re viewing the 3D view. Drag the Viewpoint center point to a new location in the design window to update the 3D view, and drag the arrow around the center point to rotate the view. You may need to zoom out in the 2D view to find the Viewpoint icon initially.

To adjust your walk-through elevation

The default walk-through elevation is 5-0. You can adjust the walk-through elevation in two ways:

■ Press the right mouse button down and drag up in the 3D view to raise the viewing elevation; drag

down to lower the elevation.

(alternatively) Click 3D menu > 3D Navigation > Walk-Through Elevation and type a new elevation measurement, in inches, then click OK.