After introducing the key number into Audials software it will unlock all features related to the One edition.

You may download videos from YouTube and burn those on DVD to play later on your TV set.

Audials Video Streaming offers quickstart buttons and in-place instructions to guide you through the necessary steps to record a video from one of the popular video services.

Here is a Step-by-Step guide how to record a video
1. In the navigation, click "Video Streaming".
2. Select a recording tool or website or source to record from.
From the quickstart option of the streaming service you want to record from, click the
Website or Software you use, for example Netflix.
If none of the quickstart options fits, click "Other Source/ Screen Recording" and choose the tool that seems best suitable to you. In case of doubt, try the tools from top to bottom.
3. Follow the instructions given by the recording tool displays.

As a final result the recording finishes as soon as Audials indicates so, and/or shortly after the video has finished playing.
All detected videos are listed in the "Video recording" view and, depending on the recording tool and your settings, automatically saved on your computer and listed in the Player after a while.

Here is how to burn the files you've downloaded onto DVD:
1. Optional: Create a new playlist and add all audio and video files you would like to burn to this new playlist.
If your current playlist already contains all the files that you want to burn, you can skip this step.

Note: You do not need to mind the order of the files on the playlist. The burning assistant allows you to sort the files in a later step.

2. From the current playlist, compile a selection of files to burn.
- To select specific files, press and hold the Ctrl key, and then click each file, one by one.
- To select all files in the current playlist, click one file and press Ctrl+A.
3. Press right click on the selected files and choose "Burn files to CD".
4. The CD Wizard will is opened.

As a result: The burning assistant walks you through the required steps to burn your selected files. Amongst other things, the assistant asks you to select a disc format, and allows you to arrange the selected files in a certain order.