You must be connected to the Internet for PCmover to validate the serial number and start the transfer. If you are not connected to the Internet on either PC, you will see a pop-up window with more information. Click OK and you will be shown the Validate Serial Number screen. Click Validate Using Another PC or Device. A screen will appear with the Old Machine (PC) Name and New Machine Name, along with a Session Code.

You will need the Machine Names and Session Code, along with your PCmover Serial Number, in order to obtain the Validation Code, which will be used in place of your serial number to activate the product.

On another device with Internet access, such as a phone or tablet, go to:

Follow the instructions on the page to enter the required information and obtain the Validation Code. Then, enter the Validation Code in PCmover in the Validate Using Another PC or Device screen and click OK. The serial number is validated and your transfer will now begin.

If you do not have another device with Internet access, please call LapLink Free Transfer Assistance at 1-866-624-0832 (US/CA).