Select Backgrounds from the list on the left and pick a background clip for your collage. Drag and drop it onto the Timeline below. Set the duration of the clip by dragging the right boundary to the desired point on the Timeline.

Select My files, then click the Add Media Files button and browse for the videos you want to include in your collage.

You can also use content from the online stock video collection offered by our partner, VideoBlocks, in your collage. Check out what’s available from this great selection of professionally created videos by clicking on Sample video and then on Download more! Alternatively, simply visit the VideoBlocks website.

By default, the videos you select to include in your collage will be placed to the right of your background clip on the Video Track. To start making the collage, first, you need to create an overlay track. Click the Plus icon, as shown in the picture, and choose Add Video Track. Then drag one of the added videos up and drop it above the background clip onto the newly created Overlay track. Double-click the video on the Overlay track to edit its parameters. You will see the video placed over the background clip in the Preview Window. Adjust the position of the video by dragging it to the desired position in the window. You can also adjust the video’s dimensions by dragging on its corners. When you’re finished editing, click the Apply button in the upper right corner above the Preview Window.

You can add some appropriate music or even apply your own voice-over. To add music, simply drag an audio file from its folder on your computer to where you want it to play on the Timeline. To record a voice-over, click the corresponding button above and hit the Start Recording button. After a brief countdown, the recording will start. When you’re finished, click Stop Recording.

Click the Export button and select the desired format tab in the window that pops up. Once you’ve specified the parameters, click Start.